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Fundraiser for Singapore Association for Mental Health

10 of October - World Mental Health Day. The theme in 2021: Mental Health In An Unequal World.

1992 was the first time the World Mental Health Day was commemorated. Since then, it has been observed every year to raise awareness for, and mobilise efforts to educate and remove the stigma surrounding mental health conditions in society.

This important day is a global initiative supported by World Health Organisation, World Federation for Mental Health and its member organisations.

In 2021, we brought forward our annual end-of-year charity fundraiser to October to help raise awareness about mental health issues and support the work of Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH). SAMH is a non-profit NGO that provides free-of-charge services to people going through challenging time through counselling, creative activities and other rehabilitation works.

For this initiative we baked:

  • 2,472 scones

  • 60 muffins

Mental health issues have been on a rise, particularly since COVID 19, and have adversely affected the lives of those suffering. For this reason, this cause is especially meaningful to us.

We are deeply thankful to our community and corporate partners for supporting us in this important initiative. We will continue driving our social mission in 2022, working with social organisations and vulnerable communities.





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